We created a wait time policy with an industry-leading grace period knowing that not always things goes according to plans:

Your grace period is determined by your pick-up location and starts at your scheduled pick-up time, charge is on increments of every 30 minutes.

Grace period time for Meet In Greet at :

Airports/ Cruise terminals pick-up

Domestic Flight/Cruise Terminal: 45 Minutes

Domestic Flight/Cruise Terminal: 45 Minutes

Airports/ International flights: 60 minutes

Non airport pick-ups (like home or office ): 20 minutes

When the grace period has passed, we will attempt to contact you several times. If we haven’t heard from you we will cancel your ride 30 minutes after the grace period has ended. If you do not show up, you will be charged full fare plus other chargable fees might occur. If you need to extend the wait time, no problem – just give us or your driver a call.

Flights can be very unpredictable so if a flight is cancelled , we don’t charge you nothing. If is delayed , driver will track it and will be no additional charges, just business as usual.


We know plans can change, so we’ve designed an industry leading cancellation policy that’s flexible for our customers and supports our drivers. We respect your time and your driver’s time too – so we won’t charge cancellation fees (and any applicable ride-related expenses) unless your driver has already been assigned.

In Miami Dade County – Broward County – Palm Beach County

Less than 90 Minutes prior to the pick-up – Full Base Charge including extra features and fees.

More than 90 minutes prior to the pick-up – No Charge. We urge our customers to pay more attention and try to avoid any discomfort or misunderstandings created by cancellations .

In any circumstances, if you decide to cancel the ride, you must do it other the phone, the software we use is able to authorize the card automaticaly but cannot void that itself if necesary.


Drivers will always ask you to sign into their smartphones application after you’re reviewing the total charge, if there is any discrepancy please call us on the spot if you can or have time so we can better assist you.


Meet in Greet – at the airports only – flat fee of 12$ ( covers the parking at the airport as well. We dont charge the parking separate like other companies does)

Curbside Pick-ups: its free of charge but waiting time still apply. Same rules like meet in greet, just you dont have to walk to parking, the driver will pick you up outside terminal at your location.

Car Seats: (if requested) is charged $20, baby weight and age must be provided.

You are more than welcome to bring your own car seat, no additional charges.

Procesing fees – charge is 2% of the full amount.

Tax: we dont charge any tax like other competitors.

Waiting Time Domestic flights- 45 minutes from when flight landed. International flights – 1 hour from when flight landed. After the grace time we charge on hourly basis increments of every 30 minutes. ( 30 minutes = aprox 36$)

All the fees and costs of the ride are displayed into your reservation accordingly to avoid miss interpretations.