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Great news! We have introduced a free gold membership , 10% off for a full year! Check your first email after first booking for more details or call us. Cata Black Car website and application makes life easier for corporate travelers knowing that time is the most valuable commodity we have. Skipping that long phone call to reserve a chauffeured Sedan or SUV and watching your chauffeur location on the map and ability to call him directly from your app would save a great deal of time. Reliability is a major factor in our business and we are aware and up to the challenges. We have reviews from many social networks like Yelp that can vouch for us, our chauffeur’s punctuality is well known and we also look to improve that thru you, rating your driver after each ride directly thru the application. It’s not mandatory but is desirable and helps us to find out how your ride was. We are working for a few years now with a few large corporate firms and we take very seriously the confidentiality agreement inside the vehicles.Either you need the best car service in Miami Beach or the best car service by Miami Airport or any airport in South Florida, commercial or private, we are ready to help, you are one click away.

Give us the oportunity to prove ourselfs!


Traveling regularly for corporate business? Then you must understand the essentialness of selecting the right corporate car service. Things changed
lately, using an application to track your driver is the ultimate fashion even in the corporate world.

It is said that the first impression is last. This definitely holds an imperative position in the corporate segment. Keeping this thing in your mind, it only entails one thing that either you want to choose the executive car service for yourself or for your clients whenever you go to some other city for business venture.

Cata Black Car TNC Company suggests that one should know some of the basic features of the best corporate car services possesses so that you can get the basic idea of what you should look for when you need to make a deal with any affordable car service provider to explore a new city.

HOW MUCH PROFESSIONAL THEY ARE: The basic and foremost aspect of any corporate car service provider; When you look for a car service, you need to assure that not only the vehicles are well-maintained but the drivers should be courteous too so the combination of both the aspects can make a good impression on your clients. We go an extra mile and offer also the right technology at the right time. Cata Black Car application.

YOUR EXPERIENCE: Your experience, yes it helps a lot. You must understand that choosing the right corporate car service could have a huge influence on how your patrons remember their appointments with you, that only interprets that you need the best of executive car service.

CORPORATE PLANNING: Have you ever notice that people mostly show up late to off-site meeting and business events. You can avoid this concern effortlessly by hiring a professional corporate car service to facilitate your team. Obviously when the entire team shows punctuality at any grand business affair, it will involuntarily create a long-lasting impression of professionalism; a notion that your clients will never forget.
All is possible and starts with downloading our state-of-the-art application ( Cata Black Car) and start planning your trip, track the driver, get receipts and enjoy big discounts we have to offer!


Hiring a professional corporate car service will not only make traveling to business events more easy, but will also bring some great number of benefits to your organization,
some of these are;

  • CONTENTED CLIENT TRAVEL: If your clients or business partner are travelling with you, choosing an executive car service can ensure that they will have a positive travel with your from beginning till end while black car service will leave them amazed with your professionalism.
  • DEDICATED SERVICE: Qualified chauffer know their clientele needs which could be exceptional in a way that some clients want Black car service for party and wedding transportation. While some other clients need transportation that can handle their corporate meeting exclusively, for instance; black limo like vehicles.
  • YOUR FIRST IMPRESSION: Getting an executive car service and arriving to corporate gathering in a black limo like vehicle will make you leave a long-lasting impression on the clients you are meeting with.
  •  APPEARANCE & SERVICES: Your black car should be spotless and offers all those facilities a vehicle should have..

So whenever you’re ready to make a decision, regardless of what options you select, it’s recommended to choose a service that is insured and licensed. Cata Black Car TNC ensures that your protection is in the hands of accountable, certified professionals.